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This Game Grumps Animated is freaken hilar ok it's by TopSpinTheFuzzy on Youtube~

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I have a disease where I like to create many OCs /hit
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Literally struggle bussing my way through this week :iconsyosoulplz:
Sorry everybody I'll be gone tomorrow! All RPs and messages and stuff I'll reply to on Sunday! Wish me luck at my show choir competition~ :iconmahfeelzplz:
:LI4490: Marina~ by UsagiMomo-Chan
:LI4490: Marina~
Ahh sorry its a little lazy! Y - Y BUT I FINISHED :iconuhuhuhuplz:

This is my app for :iconlocked-in-4490: ; 7 ;/// 
I'll add more as I RP with her more Y u Y <33

- - - - - - - -

Name: Marina (Mari- only people she likes can call her that though PFFT)
Age: 20
Date Of Birth: December 31
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4 1/2 lmao // 162.56 cm
Weight:  117 lb  // 53.07 kg
Sexual Orientation: Sunglasses-sexual straight

- - - - - - - - -


Serious: She's a very serious woman, so she's not someone you can just go joke around with. She's the person who will kinda laugh at her own rather not funny jokes-/hit/ the sunglasses she almost always wear seem to add to her serious feel LMAO

Blunt: Mari is very blatantly honest with almost everything. The only thing she is secretive about it things involving her past really. Besides that she will be pretty blunt with you and not care about it either.

Harsh: If you cross her, she'll be pissed at you. Which isn't the best thing to have happen with her because she'll enjoy watching you do more work or suffer if you piss her off.

Sassy: She's not afraid to sass anyone who pisses her off or just for the hell of it

Independent: She doesn't normally do things with other people, she enjoys to work on things on her own~

(Deceivingly) Patient: Surprisingly, Mari is pretty patient with people on the outside. She naturally is a short tempered person but has learned to mask that so she can look more professional. So, you can easily piss her off but she won't show that. Instead she'll calmly and slowly make you suffer lol so fun right-/hit

- - - - - - - -

Mari lived a very independent life. Her mother left her, her father, and her younger brother when she was young. Her father spiraled down after losing his wife and tried to relieve the pain through drinking and oppressing his children- especially Mari's younger brother since she was always out either trying to make money on part-time jobs or shopping/running errands. 
One day, when she was about 16 years old, she came home and her father wasn't there anymore. Her little brother informed her that he left saying he didn't need those, "damn kids" anymore. Mari just accepted it- at that point she had disliked her father so much for bringing pain to her and her little brother.
Mari took care of her younger brother, he was only three years younger than her so it wasn't too horrible. She just moved on with life and made sure her little brother kept his grades up and stayed healthy.
But only a few years later she returned to an empty house. She began to freak out and desperately searched for her little brother. When she contacted the police she found out that they had already found him- dead. Mari wasn't sure how to take this, because it wasn't normal for her little brother to leave the house. The police had told her there has been a bunch of various murders going around and he must've been one of the victims of the murderer they were searching for. 
So, after much emotional distress, Mari found a journal in her little brother's room that described many different encounters he had with people. The first entry described a scene when he and Mari's father were home alone and he went on and on about how badly he despised that man- so he killed him. The thrill of killing somebody was so much fun for her little brother- so he continued. 
Mari was shocked and read on, she even reread the journal. She had no clue because he brother had never showed this side to her. She keeps the journal with her to try and comprehend the mind of a serial killer. And she didn't want anybody else to go down the same path as her little brother, so she entered 4490 as a guard immediately and dropped out of any previous studies she had been taking. She knew what she wanted to do now.

- - - - - - - - - -

-Black coffee
-Reading (especially her brother's journal)
-Her sunglasses pfft
-Eating healthy
-Rainy/gross weather

-Abusive and/or perverted people
-People who don't listen to her
-When people laugh too much
-Drugs and alcohol especially omg


:bulletwhite: (Just met)
:bulletblue:  (You're okay)
:bulletgreen:  (Friend)
:bulletyellow: (Best friend)
:bulletorange:  (Like family)
:bulletpink: (Crush)
:bulletred: (Loves)
:bulletpurple: (Dislikes)
:bulletblack: (Hate)

-She actually is nicer towards prisoners than other guards sometimes since the fact that all of them are killers- it reminds her of her little brother ; v ;
-She literally almost always wears her sunglasses i am not kidding
-She has those gauge earrings asdhjkfl
-She ain't afraid to throw a punch at anybody who's being unreasonable or stupid so be on your best behavior with her u - u pfft
-Despite her busy schedule growing up with trying to support her family and all, she was rather promiscuous in hopes that it would ease some of her pain, which it did for a little bit sometimes, but she left those ways once she became interested in her brother's journal and dealing with murderers instead.

- - - - - - - - - 


Drawing & Character- UsagiMomo-Chan


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ADORABLE ICON BY Mehitsuji :iconmahfeelzplz: <333

Call me Momo coz I want to think I'm cute sob-/slapped

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Hai I'm just a loser who is obsessed with game grumps
SPEAKING OF GAME GRUMPS, watch this part that I thought was funny haha

Warning, I'm lazy :iconrabbit-kun:

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